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The smarter way
to build a bed.


SmartCap lets you organize your truck bed to fit your life. Drop a Kitchen-Bin into one Gullwing Door for pasta bolognese under El Cap and a Half-Bin in the other to keep your tools organized. Whatever you’re after, build your truck bed exactly how you want it.

Components 1 Kitchen-Bin.jpg


The Kitchen-Bin* is loaded with a stove, cutting board and secure storage for the included dishes, cookware, spices, etc. 

*Propane not included 

Components 2 Full-Bin.jpg


Fills the entire side opening and provides Molle Panels to secure cargo.

Components 3 - Half-Bin.jpg


Fills half of the opening—leaving the other half to access your bed and cargo.

Components 4 - Drawer-Bin.jpg


Organize and safely store tools and equipment.

Components 5 - Security Screen.jpg

Security Screen

The optional Security Screen adds another layer of rear window protection for your EVOc or SmartCap LC.

Components 6 - Torch.jpg

Torch Magnetic LED Light

The powerful rechargeable LED Torch, magnetically mounts to shed light right where you need it. 

Components 7 - StowAway.jpg
Components 8 - StowAway.jpg

Stow Away Table

Stainless steel construction. Includes a mounting bracket for storing the table on the interior roof of a SmartCap.

Components 9 - Roller Rack.jpg

Roller Rack

Heavy-duty roof rack with rollers and ample tie-downs for securing your load. 

Components 10 - Load Bars.jpg

Load Bar Kit

An alternative to a full roof rack. Great for mounting tents, bikes, ladders, etc.  

Components 11 - Drop Rack.jpg

Drop Rack

Drop down roof rack for making loading and unloading of cargo a snap. 

Components 12 - Platform Rack.jpg

Platform Rack

Creates a large surface and practically infinite mounting points to secure cargo.

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